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Katsuey's Legal Gateway is a free legal directory for legal professionals researching law related topics on the Internet and lay-people who want to know more about the law, understand their legal rights and obligations and search for an attorney to assist them. Some of the categories: Arbitration/Mediation, Banking/Finance, Bankruptcy, Business/Corporate, Constitutional Law, Consumer Resources, Criminal Law, Databases, Education, Employment, Environmental, Ethics, Family Law, Forms, Government/Courts, Immigration, Intellectual Property, Insurance, International Law, Internet Issues, Medical/Drugs, Private Investigation, Probate/Trusts/Estates, Public Records, Real Estate, Research/Reference, Social Security, State Corporate Data, State Law,Taxes, Technology

 A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation - Library of Congress
 All Law - Legal directory and search engine
 American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers - American Bar Association
 American Civil Liberties Union
 American Law Sources On Line - full-text legal documents from the U.S., Canada, andMexico. U.S. contents include: Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. District andCircuit Courts, State Court of Appeals, State Constitutions, Codes, and Legislation and more.
 Appellate Counsellor Home Page
 Attorney Finder
 Attorney Hunter - Find a lawyer in your area
 Basic Legal Citations - Guide to the general rules of citation, with examples of how tocite cases, statutes, and regulations.
 Bankruptcy Lawfinder - Information about bankruptcy
 Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law - Web site of nonprofit organization devoted toadvocacy for the legal rights of those with mental disabilities.
 Bitlaw: a Resource on Technology Law - site contains over 1,800 pages on patent,copyright, trademark, and Internet legal issues. The major topics covered includePatent Law, Software Patents, Trademark Law, Internet Law, Legal Links, CopyrightLaw, Primary Sources, and Forms and Contracts.
 4LawSchool free case briefs & resources for both students and practicing attorneys
 Bureau of Justice Statistics - Statistics on crime, drugs, law enforcement, corrections,courts and more. Includes the 1995 National Crime VictimizationSurvey.
 Cal Law - California law information
 CataLaw - metaindex of law and government. - understanding class action litigation. It is also intended toprovide a useful source of information on law and class actions. The user should findlinks to numerous sources of information helpful in locating information related tomany legal issues and facts.
 Class Action Lawsuits - legal facts, current actions, and "how to" opinions.
 Class Action Lawsuits - Yahoo!
 The Code of Federal Regulations - for all who enjoy legal history and theory. - Info for solicitors and barriters
 Cornell's Constitutional Law - Constitutional Law info
 Constitutional Law Materials    - Outline of the main provisions of the U.S. Constitution,with links to relevant sections, posted by the Legal Information Institute of CornellUniversity Law School. Includes background material such as the Articles ofConfederation and The Federalist papers as well as a comprehensive database ofSupreme Court decision, with case summaries and texts of majority and dissentingopinions.
 Constitution of the United States
 Consumer Law Center - FactLaw - site includes information on filing complaints, alink to the Consumer's Resource Handbook, and tips on hiring a lawyer.
 Copyright Clearance Center
 Copyright Website, The - "This site endeavors to provide real world, practical andrelevant copyright information of interest to infonauts, netsurfers, webspinners, contentproviders, musicians, appropriationists, activists, infringers, outlaws, and law abidingcitizens."
 Cornell Law Review
 Cornell's Sup. Court Collection - Lots of Supreme Court info's US Patent Server - Find patents by number - Chatrooms, mailing lists, and more - The purpose of is to provide a single site from which to find anytrial-level courts Web site and to help trial courts set up Web sites.
 Court TV Law Center
 Crash Course in Copyright - online tutorial on copyright.
 Crash Course in Wills & Trusts - the information you need to plan an estate of any size.
 Database on Law and Population - This database contains summaries and excerptsof legislation, constitutions, court decisions, and other official government documentsfrom every country in the world relating to population policies, reproductive health, women's rights, and related topics. It is produced jointly by Harvard Law School andthe United Nations Population Fund.
 Divorce Online
 Divorce Support Page, The
 Duhaime's Law Dictionary - Good law dictionary
 Earthjustice - "Because the earth needs a good lawyer."
 Electronic Frontier Foundation, The
 Employment Discrimination: An Overview - site has a comprehensive overview ofemployment discrimination laws, as well as links to federal and state statutes.
 Family Law in the Fifty States - tables providing a quick view of various aspects offamily law for the fifty states.
 Famous American Trials   - This site details twelve famous American trials: Leopold &Loeb (1924), Scopes "Monkey" Trial (1925), Rosenbergs (1951), Amistad Trials (1839-1840), Bill Haywood Trial (1907), Salem Witchcraft Trials (1692), My Lai Courts Martial(1970), Scottsboro Trials (1931-1937), Dakota Conflict Trials (1862), MississippiBurning Trial (1967), Chicago Seven Conspiracy Trial (1969-70), and JohnsonImpeachment Trial (1868).
 Federal Bureau of Investigation   - Profiles and photographs of the bureau's most wanted criminals and more.
 Federal Communications Law Journal
 Federal Rules of Evidence
 Federal Register
 FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions Hompage - full text of 7,407 U.S. SupremeCourt Decisions from 1937 to 1975
 FindForms - database of thousands of free legal forms.
 Finding Court Opinions on the Web - this site charts the various online sources forfinding those opinions, including Supreme Court findings and the various District,Circuit or Bankruptcy Courts throughout the nation. - Good search information, info packed site
 First Amendment Cyber-Tribune (FACT)
 FirstGov: Laws and Regulations - Provides easy-to-understand legal information to consumers andsmall businesses.
 Fugitive Watch
 Full-text Statutes and Legislation on the Internet - complete text of any particular U.S.state's statutes. - Great law research site
 Global Legal Studies Journal
 Guide to Law Online - The Guide to Law Online is an annotated guide to sources ofinformation on government and law available online.
 Historical Documents - The Avalon Project at Yale Law School
 Inmigration Law on the Web - annotated webliography on immigration law
 Incoming One-L FAQ - First year law students
 Internet Law Library - site containing 8900 Internet Law resources organized bysubject and jurisdiction; the site also provides full text searchable copies of the U.S.Code and the Code of Federal Regulations.
 Internet Law Library - Pritchard Law Webs
 Internet Legal Resource Guide - A categorized index of more than 4000 select web sites
 Internet Library - Phillips Nizer Benjamin Krim & Ballon LLP - contains extensiveanalysis of over 100 court decisions shaping the law of the web.
 Internet Tools for Attorneys - contains sections on legal research, web site design
 Interpol - International Criminal Police Organization
 Jurist: The Law Professors' Network
 JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk - source for progressive and radical information andresources on prisons and the criminal prosecution system.
 Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties - full text of over 300 U.S. Governmenttreaties with Native Americans from 1778-1883.
 LLI: American Legal Ethics Library - Legal Information Institute Cornell University
 LLRX - Law Library Resource Xchange newsletter focuses on research, managementand technology topics for legal professionals.
 LSAT - the official LSAT Web Site
 Law - WWW Virtual Library - "Site features extensive legal information for the public, for lawyers, and forstudents."
 Law Guru - Law Guru provides links to access over 200 legal search engines.
 Law Engine, The
 Law and Politics Internet Guide
 Law In Popular Culture Collection
 Law Information - American Bar Association site offering information on legal topicsthat affect your daily life.
 Law Resources - Digital Librarian
 Law Self Help - Legal Information Institute Cornell Law School. - "Accurate and reliable profiles of 420,000 attorneys and firms worldwide." - The best law search engine -'s legal resource - Worldwide Lawyer Directory - Law Firm Software - Searchable Q&A database, more - Anti-trust and commercial law
 'Lectric Law Library, The - reference room with law encyclopedia and law dictionary
 Legal - Free Legal Information.
 Legal Dictionary Merriam-Webster
 Legal Dictionary - Duhaime
 Legal Dictionary -'s online Real Life Dictionary of the Law.
 Legal Encyclopedia - Articles in plain English on a variety of legal topics.
 Legal Engine - This metasite is a useful starting-point for any search for online.
 Legal Forms - Business and Personal Legal Forms & Contracts.
 Legal Links - online legal research page
 Legal Material by Subject-Topics Cornell Law School
 Legaldocs - legal documents, contracts and law documents. - Comprehensive set of links and resources relating to the ethicalissues facing the legal profession.
 Legal Links U.S. States and Territories - Law Library of Congress site provides legallinks to all the States and Territories of the United States.
 Legal Research - 20,000 legal resources, which is a free public service.
 Lemon Law America - Site is resource for consumers with defective vehicles orproducts.
 Lexis-Nexis Communication Center
 LexisONE - Designed by Lexis for solo and small-office legal practitioners. - Electronic law library, good resource
 Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator - "The ultimate law reference"
 Meta-Index for Legal Research
 National Federation of Paralegals Associations
 National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys
 Native American Legal Resources - links to various American Indian cultural,historical, and legal resources.
 Nolo Press' Self-Help Law Center - online legal assistance for the little guy.
 Nolo's Legal Encyclopedia - Good online legal encyclopedia - A good lawyer finder
  PACER U.S. Party/Case Index - National or regional searches of court records in thebankruptcy, civil and criminal indexes.
 Patents & Copyrights - Information about Patents and Copyrights
 Personal Injury Litigation Forum, The - "Plain language explanatory articles written forlay people on all fields and topics in personal injury litigation..."
 Police Officer's Internet Directory, The - Comprehensive directory of law enforcementWeb sites throughout the world.
 Prison Legal News
 Public Utility Home Page
 Rules of Order - In 1876 General Henry M. Robert' Rules of Order.
 Securities Law Home Page
 Self Help Law Center - Legal references for self help in many areas of law.
 Shark Talk: Everybody's Law Dictionary
 SeniorLaw - information about Elder Law (Elderlaw), Medicare, Medicaid, estateplanning, trusts and the rights of the elderly and disabled.
 Stanford Journal of International Law
 Stupid Laws- huge collection of the most senseless laws in the entire United States.
 Supreme Court Of the United States Home Page
  Supreme Court Rulings
 Trademark Law Materials - A lawyer collaboration network
 United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network
 United States Code - Entire Text
 United States Federal Courts Finder
 United States Sentencing Commission
 United States Supreme Court Decisions - FindLaw
   USALAW - "USALAW has been providing legal information to the Internet community..."
 U.S. Child Custoy Law - From Cornell University
 U.S. Constitution - Full searchable U.S. Constitution
 USCC+ - Searchable Supreme Court rulings online
 VersusLaw - Research, opinions, and decisions online
 Virtual Chase, The - a research site for legal professionals or anyone interested indoing research using the Internet.
 Virtual Gumshoe - Investigative Resources Available on the Web. - Info on immigration law and more - Great online search tool
 WWW Virtual Library - Law, The
 White Collar Crime: An Overview - Cornell Legal Information Institute, presentsbackground information on 'White Collar' crime.
 Why Have a Will? - "'ll find the latest tips, solutions to over 6000 commonproblems, free ask-an-attorney options, customized services, and much more."
 World Wide Legal Information Association - legal information by country.