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The Search Page
News Sources

Welcome to The Search Resource: News Sources page. Here you will find links to news search engines and sources, domestic and international newspapers, editorial pages, columnists and sports.

For quick access to all of the resources offered on this website in the future, click here to bookmark. (Use 'ctrl d' if using Netscape.)

Questions, problems, comments, suggestions for other sites to add?
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  News Search Engines
    Search over 7,000 major news publications.

    News Bot
    Search news stories up to 1 month old through serveral news sources.

    News Index
    "The original 'news only' search engine."

    TotalNEWS is a search engine and directory of news sites designed to increase your access to information.

    News Trawler
    NewsTrawler is a Parallel Search Engine for news on the Internet. Search for articles from the archives of hundreds of online news, magazine and journal sources from around the world.

    Yahoo News
    You can keyword search across thousands of news sources.
    Searchable newspaper archives.

    "News and columns from American Journalism Review magazine and other online features."

    Links to newspapers, broadcasters and magazines

    lets you keyword search through content it finds from crawling thousands of news sites throughout each day.
    World News from a comprehensive global news network on the internet, including current events, business, finance, economy, sports and a searchable news archive in 20 languages.

    Google News
    Provides the ability to keyword search across thousands of news sources found through crawling the web, while also providing the ability to browse categories of news where headlines are assembled automatically.

    AllTheWeb News
    Lets you keyword search against content gathered from news sites across the web. Advanced news search page allows narrowing news sources to particular categories, such as sports or technology.

    News search engine that provides coverage from about hundreds of different sources. It also features a "virtual newscaster" called Ananova.
    "The Web's largest collection of business, financial, industry, trade and company-specific news and information."

    Odd News
    "Read Odd News stories in Yahoo! News from Reuters Oddly Enough, Associated Press, Reuters UK and AFP "

  Magazines & Periodicals
    Let's you search through articles from over 300 sources, dating back to 1998, and view them for free. You can narrow your search to specific magazine categories, such as "Automotive," using a drop down option next to the search box. You can also search within a particular publication by using the "View Publications by Name" link, which appears below the search box.

    Allows you to find magazine articles, plus you can order results by date or publisher. Articles can also be found by browsing a directory structure.

  Government 7 Politics News & Media Sources
    Includes live RealAudio of Senate and House floor action

    Congressional Quarterly
    A provider of information on government, politics and public policy.

    Editors Web
    Links to daily news releases posted on the websites of federal government agencies and congressional offices.

    Federal Register
    Official daily publication for rules, proposed rules, and notices of federal agencies and organizations, as well as executive orders and other Presidential documents.

    White House Press Briefings
    Daily press releases and briefings. You can listen to the President's weekly radio address.

    Congress Daily
    Newsletter, twice-daily, covering the latest news from Capitol Hill.

    State Net
    Legislative and regulatory reporting services on all pending bills and regulations for Congress and each of the U.S. states.

    Political State Report
    State-level political reports: "Dedicated toward giving its readers a collection of thought and facts about politics and politicians in all 50 states (and DC).
    News and facts U.S. State government policy. Non-partisan, nonprofit project of the Pew Charitable Trusts.

    U.S. President's Radio Address
    Addresses sorted by date and topic.

    Roll Call
    Roll Call Newspaper Online, the newspaper of Capitol Hill since 1955

    Washington Post: The Federal Internet Guide
    Directory of federal sites, with related news features.

    USA Today: Politics
    National and International political news.

    Washington Post: Politics
    Elections, campaigns, government and politics, news and headlines.

    Quarterly magazine of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

    Harvard Political Review
    A non-partisan journal of politics.

    Campaigns & Elections
    Called the "magazine for political professionals."

    Federal Times
    The newsweekly for U.S. federal employees with news stories, photos, legislative updates and current job listings.

    Office of International Information Programs
    U.S. policy to foreign publics and encouraging linkages between U.S. and overseas institutions through a variety of educational and cultural exchange programs.

  Online Radio & TV Stations
    Online Radio Stations with Internet Radio...listen to music, news, talk, sports. Radio Station listings guide makes it easy to listen to Internet Radio and free music online.
    Portal of over 10000+ live internet radio and tv stations.

    World Wide Internet TV
    Your broadband Portal to watch live TV and on demand TV broadcasts on the Internet; travel to 3000 live feeds.

    Pandia Online
    Online Radio & TV Search Directory: Find and listen to radio stations and Web TV.

    Beeline TV
    Watch free online television stations from around the world.

    Web TV List
    "World's largest collection of Live internet TV stations and video feeds."

    Watch TV news, music videos and movie reviews online from around the world. Select live on the web with their web-tv remote control.

    Atom Age Media
    "Watch free movies,online tv,science and nature films, news."

  Media Guide
Find and contact national and local media.
Local Media -- ZIP Code Search
Enter your ZIP codeInclude national media in results.   
Individual Search -- Editors, Reporters & Producers
Enter person's last name   
Organization Search: Newspapers, TV, radio, etc.
Enter media organization name   

  Media News

Live Radio News on the Internet

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